Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf

Are you looking to try something new and exciting with your family? Then you should try our frisbee golf course! This activity is suitable for both young and old, guaranteed to bring joy and laughter.

Our frisbee golf course is situated in beautiful surroundings near the chairlift, surrounded by stunning nature. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view while engaging in a fun activity. There’s nothing quite like throwing the frisbee through the air and watching it harmonise with the surrounding nature.

The course is entirely free to use, and equipment can be rented at the Høyt & Lavt cabin near the climbing park.

Frisbee golf is an activity that can involve all family members, regardless of age and physical condition. It’s a great way to spend time together while getting some exercise and challenging yourself. Both children and adults will enjoy competing to get the frisbee into the basket in as few throws as possible.

So why not bring your family and try our frisbee golf course? It’s an activity guaranteed to create many wonderful memories and lots of fun. Come and experience the beautiful nature, the diverse courses, and the great atmosphere at our frisbee golf course!”

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