HIGH SEASON = all weekends, Christmas holiday (24.12-01.01), week 9, Easter (23.03-01.04).

LOW SEASON = all other weekdays (Mon-Fri) that is not mentioned above.

High seasonLow season
Prices 23/24Adult (16+)Children (7-15 years)Toddlers (under 7 years)Adult (16+)Children (7-15 years)Toddlers (under 7 years)
Daypass – specific date535,-430,-215-490,-390,-195,-
Morning pass – specific date385,-310,-155,-355,-280,-140,-
Afternoon pass – specific date440,-350,-175,-400,-320,-160,-
2-dayspass (coherent)*965,-770,-385,-880,-700,-350,-
3-dayspass (coherent)*1410,-1130,-565,-1285,-1030,-515,-
4-dayspass (coherent)*1855,-1490,-745,-1690,-1350,-675,-
Night skiing – specific date**350,-280,-140,-350,-280,-140,-
Axess Chipcard80,-80,-80,-80,-80,-80,-
Season pass 23/24
Season pass6050,-4900,-2450,-
Cabin/company card***9900,-
Replacement seson pass250,-250,-250,-
High season: all weekends, Christmas (24.12-01.01), week 9 and Easter (23.03-01.04). Low season: Monday – Friday with the exception of holiday weeks.

*2+ daypasses is coherent days and does not apply for night skiing.

**Nigth skiing applies Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Ålsheia. The ski pass applies from 17.00-21.00

***Cabin/company cards are impersonal and can be shared between several people.

There is a number limit in the ski area, but season pass holders will have priority to access the facility.

Everyone must have an Axess chipcard. The card is purchased once, and it can be refilled as many times as you would like – use the WTP number on the back of the card. The price for the card is 80,-.

If the lift pass (all card types except form seasonpass) is lost or broken, we can move this over to a new card, as long as we are provided with the receipt of the order. The transaction fee is 80,- unless you bring your own chipcard. Get in touch with the skirental in Tjørhomfjellet.

Refund of card/ticket will not be given due to technical or weather related shutdowns/closure of the facility

For pre-arranged lift passes/tickets that cannot be used due to illness, please contact us or submit a medical certificate as documentation of illness up to 1 day before arrival to

Pre ordered lift passes/tickets which cannot be used because of other reasons than sickness, has to be cancelled at latest 10 days before arrival.

Ski rental

Standard complete*
*Includes ski/snowboard, boots, helmet, poles
Premium complete*
Twin tip550,-845,-1140,-150,-470,-
Racing ski550,-845,-1140,-150,-470,-
Carving ski550,-845,-1140,-150,-470,-
*Includes ski/snowboard, boots, helmet, poles
Only ski/snowboard320,-490,-660,-85,-250,-
Only boots200,-300,-400,-50,-135,-
Only poles/helmets80,-100,-120,-15,-80,-
Children’s harness100,-130,-150,-15,-100,-
Insurance per day80,-
Rental Terms

Bring identification when renting ski and snowboard equipment; this must be presented before receiving the equipment.

Remember what your equipment looks like, so you don’t confuse it with other equipment. Remember where you put it down. You are responsible for all the equipment you rent until it is returned to us and approved.

The ski rental closes at 04:30 PM; equipment should be returned before this time. On the days of night skiing in Ålsheia, the ski rental is open in Tjørhomfjellet until 06:00 PM from Wednesday to Saturday. We recommend renting the equipment the day before you plan to use the ski lift to avoid queues at the ski rental.

If you’ve attended night skiing and rented equipment, you can return the equipment at Ålsheia.

You are financially responsible for any damages to and loss of rented equipment. We offer insurance for the equipment you rent; it may be sensible to purchase it.

Refunds are not provided for rented equipment if the facility closes due to technical or weather-related reasons. Follow our Facebook page for daily updates on weather conditions.

Ski school

Prices 23/24For 1 personExtra pr.person
80 min*1150,-495,-
*Each session is equivalent to 80 minutes. Ski pass included during the lesson. Ski equipment must be rented separately.
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