About Sirdal Fjellpark

About Us

Who are we?

Sirdal Fjellpark consists of several skilled, resourceful, and experienced individuals from around the world. We have 13 full-time employees and nearly 90 staff members throughout the year. From school youth having their first part-time job to seasoned seasonal workers who return year after year.

Our History

Our history is long, rich, and an important part of Sirdal’s recent history as a destination.

From Ålsheia and Tjørhomfjellet to Sirdal Fjellpark

Historically, Sirdal has been a tourism destination, and in the 1970s, there was a thriving development to establish Sirdal as a central winter destination. As early as 1973, the construction and expansion of Ålsheia Skitrekk with 4 lifts began. It took 20 years before today’s lodge was ready for use. Skipping through several years of cabin development and activity, we arrived at the construction of the first lift in Nyestøl and Tjørhomfjellet, which was ready in 2004. The owners of Tjørhomfjellet consist of local landowners aiming to create activity and, importantly, job opportunities in Sirdal. Two years later, the chairlift in Tjørhomfjellet opened. After several ups and downs, different owners, the development of snow systems, and additional lifts, Sirdal Eiendom AS acquired Ålsheia Skitrekk in 2014. This made it possible to connect Ålsheia and Tjørhomfjellet once again. Subsequently, it expanded with a restaurant, accommodation, and a significant focus on summer activities to make Sirdal a year-round destination as it stands today. In 2023, we changed our name to Sirdal Fjellpark, envisioning a place with activities throughout the year, both in summer and winter.

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