Ski school


Sirdal Fjellpark ski school is open on weekends and holidays

“The ski school is for everyone who wants to learn how to ski – regardless of level and experience.

We offer personalized training for anyone aged 7 and above, irrespective of skill level, at Hulderheimen.

It is also possible to book ski school for groups of up to 5 people with a similar skill level. If the participants are at different levels, we recommend separate lessons.

Lift passes are included for the duration of the time. Any ski equipment must be rented separately.

Level 1 – prerequisite: none

Beginner course for those who want to learn basic skiing. We help you become familiar with the equipment and practice gliding, turning, and braking.

Level 2 – prerequisite: ability to turn and brake on green slopes.

We develop technology to be even safer on the ground. We work on running parallel skis and getting better control and flow in driving.

Level 3 – prerequisite: ability to ski controlled in easier slopes (blue and green runs).

We continue to work with the technique in skiing. We train to achieve fluency and safety when driving on all types of slopes, regardless of the degree of difficulty.

Level 4 – prerequisite: good technical control on all types of runs.

We refine the technique and learn to handle skis on different surfaces and varied terrain according to the skier’s preference.”

Tips for those under 7 years old

Once they have mastered these skills, they will be ready for lessons and make much faster progress.

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