Safety in Sirdal Fjellpark

Learn the rules of alpine safety! These rules apply to both skiers and snowboarders!

Responsibility to avoid harm

You must act in a way that does not endanger yourself or others. You must at all times have necessary control of your ski/snowboard equipment, and you are responsible for avoiding any damage to people or other property.

Adapt speed to the conditions

You must ski/board in control and adjust speed and style according to skill level, terrain, weather, snow conditions, and other traffic in the slopes.


If you are coming from behind, you have the responsibility to ski/board in a way that avoids collision with others.

Overtaking and downhill skiing

You can pass another skier or snowboarder provided that they have enough space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements. Straight downhill skiing is prohibited, except during organized training.

Starting, entering, or turning uphill in the slope

If you enter or turn uphill in a slope, you must ensure that it’s done without endangering yourself or others. The same applies when moving after stopping.

Stopping in the slope

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid stopping in narrow or limited visibility areas. After a fall in such a place, move away as quickly as possible.

Walking in the slope

If you’re on foot, use only the outer edges of the slope.

Respect signs and markings

Follow signs, markings, and instructions.

Assistance in accidents

In case of injuries, every skier or snowboarder is obliged to help.


n case of injuries and accidents, witnesses and those involved must provide personal information.

Lift rules

  1. Skiing across in zigzag motion in the lift area is not allowed for safety reasons and can lead to removal from the facility.
  2. Children must be over 140 cm to take the chairlift alone.
  3. Carrying children in a carrier neither in the lift nor on the slopes is allowed.
  4. Pets are not allowed on the slopes.
  5. Leashes are mandatory for snowboarding, mountain skiing, and telemark skiing in the facility. Violations may result in removal from the facility.

Off-piste skiing

All movement outside the marked, prepared, and controlled slopes is done at your own risk.

Movement in the ski resort during snow production and outside opening hours

During snow production, the area is considered a construction site, and all movement is prohibited when snow production is ongoing. It’s also forbidden to move in the facility after closing hours due to the operation of heavy machinery. This rule is for your own safety.

Sledding in ski slopes is not allowed

All sledding is prohibited in the ski area, both during opening hours and outside. Sledding in groomed trails can create dangerous situations, and outside our opening hours, we are a construction area where heavy machinery and forces are at work.

What epuitpment can you use in our facility?

In our facility, only alpine equipment, telemark equipment and snowboard equipment are allowed.

Important phone numbers

Ski Patrol+47 989 05 230
Fire Department110
Sirdal Fjellpark+47 51 20 81 80
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