Groups/school winter

Enjoy an active day in Sirdal

Businesses, sports teams, or groups of friends?

We offer great discounts for groups of over 10 and 20 people.

Group Prices*10+ persons20+ persons
Day pass Sun-Fri440,-390,-
Day pass Sat+holidays480,-
Ski rental Sun-Fri370,-330,-
Ski rental Sat+holidays370,-
Nigth skiing 315,-280,-
* All the prices are stated for adults. Different prices apply for children/toddlers.
*Prices are subject to:

You’ll receive up to 20% discount on lift passes and ski rentals, as well as good discounts on ski school lessons from Sunday to Friday (excluding holidays). On Saturdays and during holidays, groups of over 20 people receive up to 10% discount.

School Trip to Sirdal

Here in Sirdal Fjellpark, everything is set for a great experience for your group.

We offer favorable prices on all activities and accommodation for businesses, groups, friends, and school classes.

Prices for school classes*
Lift pass250,-
Ski rental250,-
Evening skiing200,-
*Prices are subject to:

School rates apply only on weekdays (Mon-Fri) except during holidays (Christmas break, week 9, and Easter) and with collective payment. You are warmly welcome on weekends and holidays, but regular prices apply in those instances.

Note that if you make a collective payment upon arrival or with a collective invoice, you’ll receive chip cards from us. These cards must be returned at the end of the day, and any cards not returned or returned damaged will be invoiced at 80 NOK per chip card. If you choose to pay with a promo code (where students pay and order themselves), the options are for students to top up their existing chip cards or purchase a new Axess Chipcard for 80 NOK. These are non-refundable.

One teacher goes free for every 10 students. Then, one teacher goes free for every tenth student. That is, 1-10 students = 1 free teacher, 11-20 students = 2 free teachers, and so on.

Make the skiday to a success

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