HIGH SEASON = all weekends, Christmas holiday (24.12-01.01), week 9, Easter (23.03-01.04).

LOW SEASON = all other weekdays (Mon-Fri) that is not mentioned above.

High seasonLow season
Prices 23/24Adult (16+)Children (7-15 years)Toddlers (under 7 years)Adult (16+)Children (7-15 years)Toddlers (under 7 years)
Daypass – specific date535,-430,-215-490,-390,-195,-
Morning pass – specific date385,-310,-155,-355,-280,-140,-
Afternoon pass – specific date440,-350,-175,-400,-320,-160,-
2-dayspass (coherent)*965,-770,-385,-880,-700,-350,-
3-dayspass (coherent)*1410,-1130,-565,-1285,-1030,-515,-
4-dayspass (coherent)*1855,-1490,-745,-1690,-1350,-675,-
Night skiing – specific date**350,-280,-140,-350,-280,-140,-
Axess Chipcard80,-80,-80,-80,-80,-80,-
Season pass 23/24
Season pass6050,-4900,-2450,-
Cabin/company card***9900,-
Replacement seson pass250,-250,-250,-
High season: all weekends, Christmas (24.12-01.01), week 9 and Easter (23.03-01.04). Low season: Monday – Friday with the exception of holiday weeks.

*2+ daypasses is coherent days and does not apply for night skiing.

**Nigth skiing applies Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Ålsheia. The ski pass applies from 17.00-21.00

***Cabin/company cards are impersonal and can be shared between several people.

There is a number limit in the ski area, but season pass holders will have priority to access the facility.

Everyone must have an Axess chipcard. The card is purchased once, and it can be refilled as many times as you would like – use the WTP number on the back of the card. The price for the card is 80,-.

If the lift pass (all card types except form seasonpass) is lost or broken, we can move this over to a new card, as long as we are provided with the receipt of the order. The transaction fee is 80,- unless you bring your own chipcard. Get in touch with the skirental in Tjørhomfjellet.

Refund of card/ticket will not be given due to technical or weather related shutdowns/closure of the facility

For pre-arranged lift passes/tickets that cannot be used due to illness, please contact us or submit a medical certificate as documentation of illness up to 1 day before arrival to

Pre ordered lift passes/tickets which cannot be used because of other reasons than sickness, has to be cancelled at latest 10 days before arrival.

Ski rental

Standard complete*
*Includes ski/snowboard, boots, helmet, poles
Premium complete*
Twin tip550,-845,-1140,-150,-470,-
Racing ski550,-845,-1140,-150,-470,-
Carving ski550,-845,-1140,-150,-470,-
*Includes ski/snowboard, boots, helmet, poles
Only ski/snowboard320,-490,-660,-85,-250,-
Only boots200,-300,-400,-50,-135,-
Only poles/helmets80,-100,-120,-15,-80,-
Children’s harness100,-130,-150,-15,-100,-
Insurance per day80,-
Rental Terms

Bring identification when renting ski and snowboard equipment; this must be presented before receiving the equipment.

Remember what your equipment looks like, so you don’t confuse it with other equipment. Remember where you put it down. You are responsible for all the equipment you rent until it is returned to us and approved.

The ski rental closes at 04:30 PM; equipment should be returned before this time. On the days of night skiing in Ålsheia, the ski rental is open in Tjørhomfjellet until 06:00 PM from Wednesday to Saturday. We recommend renting the equipment the day before you plan to use the ski lift to avoid queues at the ski rental.

If you’ve attended night skiing and rented equipment, you can return the equipment at Ålsheia.

You are financially responsible for any damages to and loss of rented equipment. We offer insurance for the equipment you rent; it may be sensible to purchase it.

Refunds are not provided for rented equipment if the facility closes due to technical or weather-related reasons. Follow our Facebook page for daily updates on weather conditions.

Ski school

Prices 23/24For 1 personExtra pr.person
80 min*1150,-495,-
*Each session is equivalent to 80 minutes. Ski pass included during the lesson. Ski equipment must be rented separately.

Ski & Snowboard service

Ski & Snowboard service

With the proper maintenance, you will extend the longlivety of the equiptment We provide waxing, edge grinding and polishing of both skis and snowboard.

We offer the following

Bronze: Hand wax (NOK 320)

Silver: Hand wax and edge grinding (NOK 570)

Gold (full service): Voksing av ski med håndvoks, kantslip og strukturslip av såle (NOK 780)

Platinum: Hand wax, edge grinding, structure grind of base and filling the base (from NOK 900)

Hand in your equiptment in the ski rental, and it will be ready to pick up the next time you are here.

Ski hotel

Ski hotel

In our ski hotel you can easily store your skis, snowboard and other equipment thoughout the season. You will have the equipment easy accessible in immediate proximity of the ski area, simplifying you entire stay here with us. It is also possible to extend the lease, and store your equipment here all year round.

Ski lockers in Ålsheia

In Ålsheia we have two different sizes of ski lockers avaliable.
The smaller lockers are suited for ca. 3 pairs of skis, while the larger ones can store up to 4-5 pairs of skis.
In need for space to store snowboards? Then the larger lockers is sutied for that.

The ski lockers in Ålsheia are located on the first floor and are avaliable in Ålsheia’s opening hours.

Ski lockers in Tjørhomfjellet

This year we finally have ski lockers avaliable in Tjørhomfjellet!

Located on top of the ski rental you will find several large ski lockers with room to store 4-5 pairs of skis and other equipment.

You can easily store your equipment here throughout the whole year.

Ski lockers

Ski lockers

You can easily store you ski- and snowboard equiptement throughout the season in our ski lockers You will have the equiptment easily accessible in the resort, and it simplifies your entire stay here with us. Long term rental of a ski locker is also possible, so you can store your equiptment thoughout the whole year.

Ski lockers Ålsheia

In Ålsheia you will find ski lockers in two different sizes.
The smaller lockers fits ca. 3 pairs of skis, while the large ones can fit 4-5 pairs of skis.
Do you need room for a snowboard? Choose a large locker.

The lockers are located in the basement of Ålsheia and the locker rooms is open in Ålsheia’s opening hours.

Ski lockers Tjørhomfjellet

New for this year – ski lockers in Tjørhomfjellet!

Above the ski rental next to the chair lift you will find several large sized lockers. where there’s room for 4-5 pairs of skis, and/or snowboard.

Here you can easily store your equiptiment thoughout the whole year.

Groups/school winter

Enjoy an active day in Sirdal

Businesses, sports teams, or groups of friends?

We offer great discounts for groups of over 10 and 20 people.

Group Prices*10+ persons20+ persons
Day pass Sun-Fri440,-390,-
Day pass Sat+holidays480,-
Ski rental Sun-Fri370,-330,-
Ski rental Sat+holidays370,-
Nigth skiing 315,-280,-
* All the prices are stated for adults. Different prices apply for children/toddlers.
*Prices are subject to:

You’ll receive up to 20% discount on lift passes and ski rentals, as well as good discounts on ski school lessons from Sunday to Friday (excluding holidays). On Saturdays and during holidays, groups of over 20 people receive up to 10% discount.

School Trip to Sirdal

Here in Sirdal Fjellpark, everything is set for a great experience for your group.

We offer favorable prices on all activities and accommodation for businesses, groups, friends, and school classes.

Prices for school classes*
Lift pass250,-
Ski rental250,-
Evening skiing200,-
*Prices are subject to:

School rates apply only on weekdays (Mon-Fri) except during holidays (Christmas break, week 9, and Easter) and with collective payment. You are warmly welcome on weekends and holidays, but regular prices apply in those instances.

Note that if you make a collective payment upon arrival or with a collective invoice, you’ll receive chip cards from us. These cards must be returned at the end of the day, and any cards not returned or returned damaged will be invoiced at 80 NOK per chip card. If you choose to pay with a promo code (where students pay and order themselves), the options are for students to top up their existing chip cards or purchase a new Axess Chipcard for 80 NOK. These are non-refundable.

One teacher goes free for every 10 students. Then, one teacher goes free for every tenth student. That is, 1-10 students = 1 free teacher, 11-20 students = 2 free teachers, and so on.

Make the skiday to a success

Food and drinks

Food and drinks

Sirdal Lodge (in Hulderheimen, Tjørhomfjellet)

We are proud to be able to welcome you to Sirdal Lodge and a taste of Italy. Val and Francesco offers tasty food, cosy atmosphere and adds the little extra which is needed in the pleasant Sirdal Lodge. Which is located in Hulderheimen in Tjørhomfjellet.

Do you wish to bring friends, cabin neighbor, colleges, your crew, the fotball team or your school class to Sirdal Lodge?

Get in contact with Lampu on e-mail and/or telephone number:

Telephone number: 488 89 555

Opening hours
Sunday – thursday11.0017.00
*The kitchen closes at 20.30

The Café in Ålsheia

An café which sells Hamburgers, french fries and kioskgoods. The seating area inside, its not allowed to bring your own food Open in Ålsheias openinghours.

The kiosk with the chairlift in Tjørhomfjellet

Kiosk that sells premade foods and kiosk goods. The inside seating area, its allowed to bring your own food. Open in Tjørhomfjellets openinghours.

Children’s Area

Children’s Area

For safety reasons, the use of sledges/toboggans is not allowed in the ski resort slopes. This also applies to the children’s area in Hulderheimen and Ålsheia.

Sirdal Fjellpark has two children’s areas.


In Tjørhomfjellet, close to Høyt & Lavt Sirdal and Sirdal Lodge, you’ll find Hulderheimen. Here, there is free access to a rope lift and perfect beginner slopes for both young and old. Once you feel confident enough to try the larger lifts, you can start with the platter lift in Hulderheimen with its two accompanying slopes.

To access the platter lift and other lifts in the resort, you’ll need a ski pass. Passes can be easily purchased online. Parking is available on-site. Hulderheimen is open during Tjørhomfjellet’s opening hours.


In Ålsheia, you’ll find a children’s conveyor belt on the right side of the main lift. The conveyor belt is completely free to use and a nice place for the youngest ones to practice.

To access other lifts in the resort, you’ll need a ski pass. This can be conveniently purchased online. Parking is available on-site. Open in Ålsheias openinghours.


Safety in Sirdal Fjellpark

Learn the rules of alpine safety! These rules apply to both skiers and snowboarders!

Responsibility to avoid harm

You must act in a way that does not endanger yourself or others. You must at all times have necessary control of your ski/snowboard equipment, and you are responsible for avoiding any damage to people or other property.

Adapt speed to the conditions

You must ski/board in control and adjust speed and style according to skill level, terrain, weather, snow conditions, and other traffic in the slopes.


If you are coming from behind, you have the responsibility to ski/board in a way that avoids collision with others.

Overtaking and downhill skiing

You can pass another skier or snowboarder provided that they have enough space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements. Straight downhill skiing is prohibited, except during organized training.

Starting, entering, or turning uphill in the slope

If you enter or turn uphill in a slope, you must ensure that it’s done without endangering yourself or others. The same applies when moving after stopping.

Stopping in the slope

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid stopping in narrow or limited visibility areas. After a fall in such a place, move away as quickly as possible.

Walking in the slope

If you’re on foot, use only the outer edges of the slope.

Respect signs and markings

Follow signs, markings, and instructions.

Assistance in accidents

In case of injuries, every skier or snowboarder is obliged to help.


n case of injuries and accidents, witnesses and those involved must provide personal information.

Lift rules

  1. Skiing across in zigzag motion in the lift area is not allowed for safety reasons and can lead to removal from the facility.
  2. Children must be over 140 cm to take the chairlift alone.
  3. Carrying children in a carrier neither in the lift nor on the slopes is allowed.
  4. Pets are not allowed on the slopes.
  5. Leashes are mandatory for snowboarding, mountain skiing, and telemark skiing in the facility. Violations may result in removal from the facility.

Off-piste skiing

All movement outside the marked, prepared, and controlled slopes is done at your own risk.

Movement in the ski resort during snow production and outside opening hours

During snow production, the area is considered a construction site, and all movement is prohibited when snow production is ongoing. It’s also forbidden to move in the facility after closing hours due to the operation of heavy machinery. This rule is for your own safety.

Sledding in ski slopes is not allowed

All sledding is prohibited in the ski area, both during opening hours and outside. Sledding in groomed trails can create dangerous situations, and outside our opening hours, we are a construction area where heavy machinery and forces are at work.

What epuitpment can you use in our facility?

In our facility, only alpine equipment, telemark equipment and snowboard equipment are allowed.

Important phone numbers

Ski Patrol+47 989 05 230
Fire Department110
Sirdal Fjellpark+47 51 20 81 80

Night skiing

Night skiing

Welcome to night skiing in Ålsheia! Freshly groomed slopes every night. Here, you can enjoy the slopes and try out the terrain park in Dalen.

Do you need to rent equipment? You’ll find that in Tjørhomfjellet. The ski rental is open until 6:00 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can easily return the ski equipment in Ålsheia upon departure.

Opening hours*
* From 03.01.24 to 16.03.24

Area map

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