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A unique day in Sirdal

Visiting Sirdal Fjellpark with classmates, colleagues from work, or good friends will provide many great experiences. The park offers a wide range of activities suitable for most people. Surrounded by beautiful nature, you’ll experience camaraderie, team building, and exciting challenges.

Diversity in activities is crucial to ensure an engaging experience for everyone. Sirdal Fjellpark has a wide selection of activities that can be adapted to various groups. Combining climbing, mountain cart, canyoning, mountain hikes, swimming, and team-building activities can create a varied and exciting day for your company or group.

Participating in activities together helps build unity and strengthen relationships among participants. Sirdal Fjellpark offers various team-building activities to help groups enhance cooperation and communication. For instance, participants can solve different tasks and challenges as a team, requiring collaboration and creative thinking to succeed.

Build relationships and unity outside the office.

Group Prices 2024Gruoups of 20+ peopleGroups of 10+ people
3-hour climbing (10+ år)296,-333,-
4 trips in Mountain Cart216,-243,-
Canyoning (age limit 13 years)750,-750,-
Teambuilding (2 hours)300,-minimum 20 people
Accommodationfrom 350,-from 350,-
*Subject to group prices

Group prices apply from Wed-Sun from the season’s start on May 20th to the end on Oct 15th, except for Saturdays from 17.06-12.08, and only by collective card payment upon arrival or invoicing to the organization.

All prices are per person unless otherwise stated.

Experience an Unconventional School Day

School Prices 2024per person
3-hour in Høyt & Lavt Sirdal250,-
4 trips in Mountain Cart180,-
Canyoning (age limit 13 years)750,-
Frisbee Golf115,-
Canoe (incl. life vest + paddles)150,- (per canoe)
SUP (incl. life vest + paddles)150,- (per SUP)
*Subject to school prices

School prices apply only when ordering via the contact form and by collective card payment upon arrival or invoicing to the organization. One teacher free per tenth student. That is, 10-19 students: 2 free, 20-29: 3 free, etc.

All prices are per person unless otherwise stated.

Water park

Water park

Are you looking for even more fun and excitement after a day of climbing? Then you should try our fantastic water park, right next to the adventure park! Here, you can enjoy various water activities and cool off after an active day in the adventure park.

We understand the importance of variety, so we offer various activities. Try out the water park, take a trip with a SUP or canoe, or perhaps relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the surroundings at the beach. The possibilities are endless!

Please bring your family, friends, or colleagues and experience a joy-filled day in our fantastic water park.

All use of the water park is at your own risk.

Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf

Are you looking to try something new and exciting with your family? Then you should try our frisbee golf course! This activity is suitable for both young and old, guaranteed to bring joy and laughter.

Our frisbee golf course is situated in beautiful surroundings near the chairlift, surrounded by stunning nature. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view while engaging in a fun activity. There’s nothing quite like throwing the frisbee through the air and watching it harmonise with the surrounding nature.

The course is entirely free to use, and equipment can be rented at the Høyt & Lavt cabin near the climbing park.

Frisbee golf is an activity that can involve all family members, regardless of age and physical condition. It’s a great way to spend time together while getting some exercise and challenging yourself. Both children and adults will enjoy competing to get the frisbee into the basket in as few throws as possible.

So why not bring your family and try our frisbee golf course? It’s an activity guaranteed to create many wonderful memories and lots of fun. Come and experience the beautiful nature, the diverse courses, and the great atmosphere at our frisbee golf course!”


Canoe and SUP

In Sirdal Fjellpark, you can rent a SUP board or a canoe throughout the summer. Explore Beinesvatnet and the surrounding nature at your own pace.

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

SUP boards are an excellent summer activity on the water for both adults and children. SUP, or Stand up paddle, can be used for various purposes, whether you want a calm sightseeing trip on the water, as a means of transportation to your next picnic spot, or for fun on the water. In any case, it’s a great activity for both adults and kids!

The canoes allow you to explore Beinesvannet with family and friends, finding your own picnic spot and swimming area, or playing by the shore. Life jackets and paddles are included.


SUP/Canoe prices 20242 hoursFull day

Mountain Cart

Mountain Cart

Mountain Cart is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family! The activity requires no prior experience and is equally enjoyable for both adults and children. Mountain Cart is a three-wheeled bike with brakes on both rear wheels, allowing the speed to be easily adjusted according to individual preferences, abilities, and conditions.

Mountain Cart 2024
4 trips270,-
6 trips330,-
12 trips580,-
20 trips920,-



An insane experience that must be tried!

We offer guided tours with canyoning at Dorgefoss. An adrenaline-filled, fun activity for those seeking an unforgettable and unique experience!

Canyoning involves navigating down a river gorge, encountering all the challenges it presents. Our experienced guides will take you to explore what Dorgefoss has to offer: jumping into deep pools, sliding down natural water slides and rapids, rappelling, and cliff jumping. An adrenaline-filled, enjoyable activity for those seeking an unforgettable and unique experience. Age limit: 13 years (or turning 13 in 2024).


Prices 2024
Per person at 09.00950,-
Per person at 13.30950,-
Companies/schools per person750,-

Practical Information


  • Shoes (running shoes recommended)
  • Wool underwear
  • Wool hat and buff on cold days
  • Towel and underwear


All necessary equipment is included.


  • Age limit of 13 years (within the year)
  • Normal physical condition
  • Able to swim
  • Sober

Safety and Rules

All our guides are experienced in first aid and trained to the Rescue 3 Water Canyon Technician (WCT-PRO) course standard.

  • You are obliged to read our safety rules and submit a self-declaration form to participate in canyoning
  • You are obligated to pay attention during the safety briefing
  • Ensure you understand what the guide has covered in the safety briefing
  • You are required to follow the guide’s instructions and messages
  • Ask if anything is unclear
  • Age limit: 13 years current year
  • Persons under 18 years must have approval from parents/guardians to participate
  • DYou must be able to swim
  • Max weight: 120kg
  • You are obliged to inform about medication use and previous injuries that may affect the activity’s execution
  • The activity is not permitted for individuals with:
    • Heart and lung problems
    • Back and neck problems
    • Other physical challenges
    • Individuals under the influence of alcohol/drugs
    • Pregnant individuals
    • Outside weight and swimming requirements

Høyt & Lavt

Høyt & Lavt

I Høyt & Lavt climbing parks, we facilitate challenging activities and raw experiences in a safe environment for all ages and skill levels.

Here, you’ll find challenges suitable for all ages. It’s just as enjoyable for the little ones as it is for the big ones.
Our climbing park mainly consists of various types of courses in the trees, with varying lengths and difficulty levels. The courses include cables and ropes built into the natural terrain, allowing you to experience an exciting world from the treetops.



Dagskort 2024
10+ years**400,-
6-9 years***340,-
2-5 years****190,-

** Person over 140 cm.
Blue course: over 140 cm and 10 years old to go through the course alone.
Red course: over 140 cm and 13 years old to go through the course alone.
Quick jump: over 140 cm and 10 years old to go through the course alone.

*** Children 110-140 cm tall.
Children under 10 years old but over 140 cm must be accompanied in the red and blue courses by a responsible adult.

**** Children 80-110 cm tall.
Children under 6 years old must be accompanied in the courses by a responsible adult (ticket required).
Children under 6 years old but over 110 cm must be accompanied by a responsible adult in all courses (ticket required).

Sesongkort 2024
10+ years1500,-
2-9 years1300,-
National Season pass**1690,-
**Priser for 2024 kommer

Climb as much as you want with the season pass at Høyt & Lavt Sirdal within our opening hours!

** The National Season Pass is valid in all Høyt & Lavt climbing parks in the country (except Høyt & Lavt Oslo and Høyt & Lavt Hallingdal)

Opening hours

Opening hours
Høyt & Lavt*
From 1. June – 21.06.24every weekend11.00 17.00
22.06.24 – 18.08.24every day10.3018.00
18.08.24 – 06.10.24every weekend11.0017.00
Week 41every day10.3018.00
Mountain Cart*
From middle of June – 21.06.24every weekend11.0017.00
22.06.24 – 18.08.24every day11.0017.00
24.08.24 – 06.10.24every weekend11.0017.00
Week 41every day11.0018.00
22.06.24 – 18.08.24Wednesday to Saturday09.0017.00
24.08.24 – 08.09.24 every weekend09.0017.00
Disc Golf and Water Park
From opening – 13.10.24every day24 hours
*Announced on FB upon preparation and opening of disc golf and water park in early summer 24

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